Little Ted’s Ride

Phil, our receptionist is undertaking a gruelling challenge in aid of Little Ted’s Room on Saturday 15 August 2015. He is cycling from Royal Preston Hospital to Cumberland Infirmary, over 100 miles through some tough terrain! We are very proud of Phil, and May Solicitors is supporting him all the way. We are sure you will agree this is a worthwhile cause and here is a little more information:

A family friend and his partner recently had to endure what we can only describe as a nightmare, their son, Thomas Edward Davis (TED) was born asleep at 38 weeks and tragically his mother had to give birth whilst listening to other new born babies in the same delivery suite further compounding their anguish and despair.

They are helping to raise £25,000 to install soundproofing in two rooms at the Sharoe Green Unit, Royal Preston Hospital, in order to help others cope with this devastating situation.

Having children ourselves we felt we had to do something to help them reach their goal.
So Phil, being a fairly keen cyclist decided to ride from Royal Preston Hospital to Cumberland Infirmary to raise as much money as he can.

This will cover over 100 miles and will far exceed any distance he has covered before.
The date for the ride is Saturday 15th August.

For further information please go to:

This is an event on behalf of “The Baby Beat Appeal”
Charity Registration No. 1051194. Thank You.

157 thoughts on “Little Ted’s Ride

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