Chorley has a vast history dating back to the industrial revolution of the cotton mills and coal mining.  Therefore, it is always very important to carry out the searches specific to the area you are buying. If you are buying in Chorley, we carry out environmental searches and coal mining searches.

Terraced properties were constructed to house the growing population within this period however many of these properties unbeknown to the owners still remain unregistered and this can be very time consuming when coming to sell.  Checking that your property is registered early will ensure a speedier transaction should it be time to move on.

Thorough searches for properties within the old market town of Chorley can be carried out by your conveyancing solicitor to find out more about the previous use of the land before it was developed ensuring peace of mind that all checks have been made.

There is also a lot of new build development in Chorley, in particular the Buckshaw Village development. This location which is extremely popular to residents and investors as there is a good mix of freehold and leasehold properties, houses and apartments. Once built, Management Companies take over the running of communal areas, blocks of flats and other issues. The freeholders also stay involved and this can be very confusing to a buyer therefore solicitors being knowledgeable in these areas is vital to ensure an efficient progression. It is very important that you have a solicitor who can explain the complex situations in a manner that is best for you and your circumstances.

Superb retirement apartments are also being developed within the area and putting faith into your solicitor to ensure all checks are made with covenant and restrictions, if any, ensures peace of mind when moving on to your retirement home.