Blackburn has a wonderful industrial past of textiles and cotton mills within the town, and in the industrial revolution rows of terraced houses were built to house the growing population of people working in the mills.

Many properties built in the 1900s may be unregistered and this is something your solicitor can check to avoid delays when coming to sell. 

Historical deeds which provide information about the timeline of the past yet providing vital information relating to covenants and title.  If your property is unregistered these will be required to enable your solicitor to register the property. If the deeds to the property cannot be found, then it will be necessary to try and ‘reconstruct the title’ to the satisfaction of the Land Registry. This can be time consuming and therefore we can advise you on this if this is applicable to you.

Many investors buying into the area will be looking for a solicitor that has knowledge of buy to lets, leases and unregistered properties.  Old disused factories of bygone times have now been converted into luxurious apartments, which with them bring leases and Management Companies. These all need checking properly by a conveyancing solicitor to ensure there is a thorough understanding of the conditions of the leases and also the management fees that the companies charge.Concise searches will tell us about the past use of land where the property is built and also the surrounding area. Some old factories can be a source of potential contamination for decades after they have been demolished, and so it is very important to make the right enquiries regarding this when buying property. It is also important to carry out searches and enquiries relevant to the area that you are buying in to ensure you are totally satisfied all checks.