Garstang is a bustling old market town steeped in history and is surrounded by beautiful countryside and villages along the River Wyre. As a result, there are some very interesting old covenants and rules that can affect how properties are used.

These covenants, no matter how old they are, can still affect property today. It is therefore very important that when buying property that this is properly looked at to make sure you can use your new home in the way that you want to.

Farmhouses and country cottages within the surrounding area may have confusing boundaries and titles therefore your conveyancing solicitor will provide a thorough investigation and check boundaries with land registry and other parties involved to confirm all is correct. This brings with it different challenges as far as conveyancing goes. We will ensure that all necessary checks are made specific to your rural property, bearing in mind everything that goes with living in the countryside.  

Search packages provide information about the property, the environment and if there is any flood risk to the area these checks could be necessary and vital especially with adverse weather conditions which have had an impact over recent years to many areas, your solicitor will ask questions and raise enquiries on your behalf to ensure all checks are made prior to your move.

There are many properties on offer here, with new build properties being built alongside older properties. Some of the newer leasehold properties have the option to purchase the freehold from the builder or whoever owns it. We can assist you with this is you wish to investigate this as an option for you.  This requires a solicitor who has a thorough understanding and is knowledgeable in all conveyancing matters is important to prevent delays as new build conveyancing can come with a tight timeframe.